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Avalon offers residents in Pain Court the opportunity to rent the perfect retirement apartments, conveniently located in Chatham-Kent and Tilbury Ontario. Experience retirement surrounded by complete comfort in a modern setting of unmatched luxury.

Located a short distance from Pain Court, Ontario, our Chatham-Kent retirement apartments boast exquisite finishes and open-concept layouts. High ceilings, in-suite laundry, and breakfast bar islands are designed to make your retirement both comfortable and convenient. Settle into your new neighbourhood with our Chatham-Kent-based retirement apartments, just a short journey from Pain Court, Ontario, even offering on-site parking for tenants and guests.

Embrace The Elegance Of Our Modern Retirement Apartments

Pain Court residents are generous in their praise for our retirement apartments available in Chatham-Kent. These apartments come complete with all the luxurious features expected in a retirement setting, including temperature controls, air conditioning, high-end quartz countertops, generously sized washrooms, expansive windows with coverings, high-end quartz countertops, and quality waterproof flooring. If you desire a luxurious retirement apartment in Chatham-Kent or Tilbury with a backyard space, our carefully selected ground-level apartments provide exceptional accessibility and a semi-private backyard accessible from a spacious patio. Alternatively, you can enjoy the outdoors from a larger private balcony.

Pain Court Residents – Retire In Luxury

Avalon is praised by our Pain Court residents for doing things differently. Our retirement apartments include an on-site property manager and superintendent available 24/7 to ensure your safety and to promptly address any apartment repairs. Additionally, our retirement apartments come with a bonus community room featuring a complete kitchen, delightful fireplace, and large patio. Complimentary access to this luxurious space is extended to all our retirees, making it an ideal setting for private functions, parties, events, and more.

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Residents in the Pain Court, Ontario area who wish to explore our retirement apartments in Chatham-Kent can contact us directly. Utilize the “Request a Tour” form below or call (519) 809-2856 to inquire further.

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