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Embrace the warmth of Avalon Luxury Apartments, the ultimate choice for those seeking an apartment for rent in Chatham-Kent, Ontario. Discover a blend of modern sophistication and comfort set against a backdrop of unparalleled luxury.

Our Chatham-Kent apartments for rent boast exquisite finishes and open-concept layouts, enhancing your lifestyle with beautiful high ceilings, in-suite laundry, and even breakfast bar islands for added comfort and convenience. Your ideal neighbourhood awaits, with our luxury apartments in Chatham-Kent are conveniently locate and even offer on-site parking options for both tenants and guests.

Immerse Yourself In Our Fully Equipped Luxury Apartments.

Delighted Chatham-Kent residents have discovered our exceptional rental apartments available in Chatham-Kent. Our luxury Chatham apartments boast all the luxury features you would expect, including in-apartment temperature controls, central air conditioning, generously-sized bathrooms, large windows with elegant coverings, quartz countertops, and premium vinyl flooring. For those in search of a luxurious rental with a backyard, we offer ground-level apartments that provide enhanced accessibility with a semi-private backyard accessible from a spacious patio. Alternatively, enjoy the outdoor ambiance from a large private balcony.

Chatham-Kent Residents – Elevate Your Lifestyle With Our Luxurious Apartments For Rent

We get confirmation from our Chatham residents that Avalon Luxury Apartments goes above and beyond. With on-site property management and a superintendent on-site 24/7, we prioritize your safety and promptly address any apartment repairs. Our apartments for rent also feature a stunning community room equipped with a full kitchen, gas fireplace, and outdoor patio, accessible to all tenants. This space serves as an ideal setting for private functions, events, and various gatherings.

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Residents of Chatham-Kent, Ontario, who want to experience our Chatham-Kent apartments for rent can get in touch with us. Use the convenient “Request a Tour” form below or call (519) 809-2856 to get more details.